And I just wanna thank my three kids. Violet - I’m gonna forget their names - Violet, Sera and Sam. I love you guys. And I wanna thank my wife, the reason I’m standing up here. I adore you. I love you so much. Thanks for sitting through this. You’re my everything. 


Tyler is our king

Lost respect for Caroline in this episode. I get it wasn’t her friend and she didn’t know Chris, but the way she expected Tyler to just shrug off his death like it was no big deal was fucked up. Tyler made it known that Chris was his friend and Chris was an innocent person in this, he wanted nothing to do with it. Not to mention who she gets on Tyler about cheating when she’s decides to go on a date with Klaus in exchange for Tyler’s friend’s life? If that’s not fucked up I dunno what is.


after she helped killing one of his friend #she told him she was going on a date with klaus #and ppl are hating on him for being mad #you only see what you wanna see

It makes me sick that people actually think or act like they think that Caroline was scared of Tyler in this scene. I find it pathetic that in order to pimp their ship, they bash Tyler and turn him into a monster when the real monster is… someone else.

6. Forwood (Tyler & Caroline)


Worst episode in the world